Surprised Monkey Studio

"Death is only the beginning of this adventure" - Surviving the Humans.

The game is a 2D point-and-click adventure game. And it is based on the story of Cooper, a zombie who wakes up in the 80s without remembering anything about his past. And out of nowhere, he has to figure out what it is to be a zombie and realize that his life changed forever.

Now what he used to be; a human is his enemy. Humans are known to try to kill the unknown, and Cooper is no exception. Two factions clash for control of the town. We do not have physical strength, in fact, it is
difficult for us to keep our members in place, but we can use our intelligence to solve puzzles and thus achieve our goal which is to survive humans.

Game Features

Game Genre: Adventure, Point and Click, Fantasy, Indie

Developed by: Surprised Monkey Studio

Platform: PC / MAC / Linux

Languages: Voices: English, Text: English, Spanish

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